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Repatriation Solutions Inc offers a full line of medical repatriation services including commercial air-medical escorts and/or medical escorts via ground transportation. We also offer consulting services for medical repatriations including procuring hospital beds, obtaining air ambulance quotes, coordinating air ambulance repatriations, coordinating airline stretcher service, as well as managing all of the necessary details. We pay strict attention to detail and make all of the necessary arrangements for the patient’s transfer, so that our clients don’t have to worry. Each case is managed to meet the specific medical and personal needs of the patient and their family. Simply, we bring people home, in the safest and most efficient way possible.

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Commercial Airline Medical Repatriation

Repatriation Solutions Inc. transfers patients worldwide safely and efficiently, via major commercial airlines and /or ground transport. From the moment a patient departs a foreign city, RSI’s medical escorts are accompanying them until they arrive at their local hospital, medical facility or residence. The safety and care of each patient is our utmost priority. We have licensed staff throughout Canada, and our professional medical repatriation escorts include Registered Nurses, Paramedics and Physicians. We manage all aspects of the medical transfer including ground transportation from departing hospital to the destination via ambulance, limousine, taxi or other ground transit. We perform pre-flight medical assessments to ensure that the patient is fit to fly on a commercial aircraft and we obtain airline medical clearances as required. We also arrange ticketing for the patient and their family members to ensure a smooth bed-to-bed transition. Detailed medical directives are on hand in case of emergency and our medical director is available as needed 24 hours a day. State of the art equipment is used to monitor the patient’s medical condition throughout the transfer. Our medical escorts administer medications as needed and tend to all other patient needs to ensure continuous medical evaluation and the best possible care. We can also provide non-medical escorts and companions as needed to ensure a safe and smooth transfer for the patient.

Air Ambulance Coordination

When a patient requires emergency medical care and cannot be transported via a commercial airline, Repatriation Solutions will arrange for an air ambulance for the patient. We provide our clients with competitive quotes from our extensive network of professional and reliable service providers. Once an air ambulance company is chosen, we coordinate all of the transport details and medical information with them for our clients. We continue to follow up with the provider throughout the transfer, in order to update our clients and to ensure safe and comfortable bedside to bedside care. Our goal is to provide excellent patient care regardless of the method of transportation.

Bed Finds and Admissions

For individuals that become ill or injured while away from home, our collaborative team can ensure a comprehensive placement and expedient return. Prior to a patient being repatriated home, whether in North America or elsewhere in the world, a prearranged admission bed and receiving doctor are required. In order to obtain the appropriate type of bed at an appropriate facility, the patient's current care requirements are assessed carefully by our Repatriation Specialists, who are all Registered Nurses. This includes assessing all patient needs like treatment planning, equipment, isolation precautions, coordination of physician communications, etc… This allows us to maximize continuity of patient care. Our experienced Repatriation Specialists are dedicated to advocating each patient’s needs to ensure the correct receiving facility, physician and care requirements are obtained for each and every patient. Our clients are provided with ongoing updates and we ensure that each case is handled with the highest level of professionalism.

Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

In the case of a patient who is unable to sit up for aircraft takeoff and landing, RSI can organize and coordinate Commercial Airline Stretcher Service. An assessment will be carried out to ensure that the patient’s medical condition meets the airline’s clearance requirements. This service is restricted to specific routes and airlines, but if the patient’s medical condition allows for it, this type of transport can be a cost effective alternative to a dedicated air ambulance. In all case, RSI can assist in determining the most appropriate method of transportation for the patient.

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